Frenzel Goggles

Frenzel goggles are a diagnostic tool used in ophthalmology, otolaryngology and audiovestibular medicine for the medical evaluation of involuntary eye movement (nystagmus). They are named after Frenzel, a German physician.

The purpose of the goggles is to disable the patient’s ability to visually fixate on an object while at the same time allowing the examiner to adequately visualize the eye. This is done by using high-powered (+20 diopters) magnifying glasses with an illumination system. With such a high-powered lens, it is unlikely that the patient can adequately focus and visually fixate on an object to suppress nystagmus.

Difference between the offered Frenzel goggles and common Frenzel goggles on the market:

– the way the patient’s eyes are illuminated. Traditional Frenzel goggles uses two bulbs or LEDs. Our Frenzel’s goggles provides uniform illumination of the patient’s eyes.

– our goggles have 50 mm lenses, common goggles – 30-40 mm. This is a significant factor which facilitates the recognition of low-amplitude nystagmus.

– the battery compartment of the goggles offered is located directly on the mask. Most of Frenzel goggles on the market have battery compartment in form of a separate unit, which makes positional maneuvers inconvenient, when both doctor’s hands are occupied, and the long wire could get entangled.

the mask of the Frenzel goggles offered is soft, has an ergonomic shape, it fits well to patient’s face.

–  the weight of of the Frenzel goggles offered is only 220g, the weight of the most Frenzel goggles on the market is 400-600g.

– our Frenzel goggles are supplied in a soft neoprene case