VideoFrenzel is a more simple and accurate device for eye movements observation in comparison with well-known Frenzel goggles. VideoFrenzel consists of mask with infrared cameras, connected with laptop via usb. The eyes are displayed on the monitor in enlarged size. The mask has soft foam pad, which snugs softly against patient’s face, ensuring complete darkness and being comfortable at the same time. VideoFrenzel could be used in all standard vestibular tests: spontaneous nystagmus, gaze fixation nystagmus, saccads, smooth pursuit, positional and positioning tests ets. It’s easy to perform test without visual fixation, such as head shaking test and test of spontaneous nystagmus vision denied, as the cover perfectly fits the mask and provides total darkness for the patient. VideoFrenzel makes it easy to record eye movements and the image of situation camera at the same time, which is extremely useful in diagnosis and treatment of patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.Videofrenzel provides utilities of nystagmus detection algorithm in the Spontaneous nystagmus test, supplying you with the opportunity of diagnosing and analyzing vestibular disorders.
Benefits of using Videofrenzel
– improved imaging of eye movements in clinical vestibular tests with and without fixation
– diagnosing and treating BPPV
– built in nystagmus detection algorithm

Essential tech specs for notebook are the following:
CPU – Intel Core i5, 8th generation or newer, 4 cores
2 USB ports, 4 GB RAM
SSD advisable
Windows 10

Device is supplied along with software (flash-drive), 20 face foam pads, cleaning cloth and web-camera.

VideoFrenzel Manual

Examination with VideoFrenzel:

Some photos and screenshots:

Videonystagmoskopy with Videofrenzel
Calculation of nystagmus parameters
Pupil detection parameter menu